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Upcoming events and resources for Children and Families in Loudoun County

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In Ghana, the adult literacy rate is 72%, if you’re a woman, only 58%. It is difficult enough for any child in Ghana to receive an education and grow up healthy, but for children with serious medical conditions or birth defects, it can be impossible. Our organization believes that by educating mothers to nurture and protect their children and themselves, they can improve the quality of life for their families.

At Voices of the Children, we:

  • Promote early childhood development and literacy, particularly among those the physically challenged
  • Teach tolerance and acceptance of physically and mentally challenged children
  • Educate women on the importance of pre-natal care and nutrition
  • Provide accelerated programs for gifted children to excel
  • Encourage self-expression and communication among women and children
  • Educate regarding the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation
  • Facilitate life-saving operations for children with no access to basic medical care

Please help us to educate and support children of Ghana─ especially those that are physically challenged─ and their mothers.

If even one child is ignored, we are all left behind.

Sponsor a Child:

For about $1.29 a day you will be responsible for the children of VOC to have access to these basic needs by sponsoring a child:

  • Computers
  • School supplies of all kinds, including pencils, pens, paper, rulers, crayons, erasers, folders, notebooks and backpacks.
  • Children’s books and textbooks
  • Educational toys and blocks
  • First aid kits for the schools

Please, Sponsor a child today. Click here to learn how you can help.

Please check out one of the supporters - Garden City University College



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